Luxurious destination weddings can be planned in Delhi as well

Getting married is a onetime celebration (investment for folks who are tight on budget) and everybody have their own dreams associated with it. A bride may have thought of a luxurious wedding whereas the groom, the free soul, may have planned for a destination wedding! What next? Well, of course, both of them can manifest their dream in a common place by arranging a luxurious destination wedding in Delhi.

People who underestimate Delhi being an UBER destination for a destination wedding, then they are still living in the dark ages. With a lot of resorts and Haveli’s in its bucket list, Delhi has been serving international and national lovebirds to tie their wedding knot in highly affordable yet luxurious ways with the help of some best wedding planners in Delhi.

Therefore, you are the next bride and groom-to-be, choose Delhi as the destination - you will definitely pat your back for the brilliant decision.

Planning the destination wedding in Delhi

Delhi being a metropolitan may have a high cost for a luxurious destination wedding but as you plan to take the assistance of one of the luxury wedding planners in Delhi, they will it affordable and easy-to-plan task. All you have to do is search for wedding planners in Delhi and discuss your budget and idea with them. That said, it will become their responsibility to bring out the best. Some of the brilliant locations which could be presented in front of you are – Westin Sohna Road, Manesar Resorts, etc. You will get to spend quality time celebrating a bachelorette party, Sangeet, Mehandi and other celebrations in a precise manner.

Note: Always book during the end of the season. You will get plenty of discounts, etc.

Book with local food caterer in Delhi

Whether its end season or off-season, high profile hotels and restaurants will not provide you with a discount. Therefore, always select a local food caterer nearby your venue. Although, if you are planning to hire a wedding planner in Delhi then the headache will be all theirs. All you have to do is present the list of delicacies and set yourself free from the responsibility. They will bring the best caterer serving Uber quality and tasty food.

Trim the guest list and make it a secretive wedding

Not actually secretive like Bollywood stars yet pretty secretive, so that very important and closed ones are present to witness wedding vows. You can simply say other than you were a runaway bride-groom, or had everything planned so quick that you could not send brief invite, or best of all the times, lost the address and mobile number!! Well, jokes apart, just cut down the guest list and include only near and dear ones. This way, you will not only save your pocket but enjoy every moment specifically without worrying about who has left aside and angry (a very common scene in India weddings!).

Choose one of the best wedding planners

A destination wedding is something that you cannot manage on your own; although you can, however, you would not want to. Therefore, just search some highly rated and popular destination wedding planners in Delhi and choose one of them. While selecting one of them, make sure you see their reviews, clientele and giveaways.

Again concluding that marriage is a one-time event. Make it a never forgetting event by hiring a good wedding planner who can arrange everything super-fantastically. If the planner is local, it will like extra icing on the cake!!

  05 JUNE 2018