How To Choose The Best Destination Wedding Planner?

Nothing plays a more significant role in a wedding than the destination itself. From setting the tone of the wedding by the best decorators in Delhi NCR to being an extension of the couple’s personal choices, everything is based on the features of the destination, because after all, it is going to be their lifetime moment. 

The best destination wedding planner in Delhi comes into the picture to execute the dream wedding in the hub city of Delhi. Needless to emphasize, the wedding planners will take care of everything from planning to decorations to caterers to execution. So the couple doesn't need to worry about these important wedding elements, even though they are far from their home-town.

Many trends are coming up in the décor of these destination weddings, which includes designer Mandaps, heritage themes, floral theme, photo booths, pre-wedding shoots, cocktail party, swings, dance and music, extravagant dinner arrangement including all cuisines of the world, etc. To meticulously execute all the things with respect to predetermined themes, the best wedding decorator in Delhi and NCR is required to make a destination wedding look spectacular and worth remembering the day of one’s lifetime.
Now the question is, how to choose the best wedding planner in Delhi? In this blog, you will get all of your answers.


Ask your relatives and friends about their favourite wedding planners and check out the Instagram and Facebook pages of wedding planners. Check out their work and compare your plan with their work. One of the best wedding planners in Delhi NCR is VIVAH LUXURY WEDDINGS.

Detailed meeting:

After finalizing some wedding planners set up an in-person meeting to find out their vibes, their creative skills, and do they provide customized services or follow fixed patterns. For example, VIVAH LUXURY WEDDINGS is famous for unique ideas, impeccable design thinking, and flawless execution as per the client’s needs.

Cost, Location, and Execution:

As hiring a wedding planner is an added cost, but it’ll save you a lot of money in terms of time, stress, and layout. In Delhi, you have to struggle in finding the right location and then fixing a deal, but with the hired planner you don’t have to worry about it. Executing the wedding with the standards of Delhi can only be displayed by experienced wedding planners. 

Emotional Support:

In Delhi-NCR some relatives throw tantrums on your wedding day, some try to spoil this day, and some even try to find negative elements of the wedding day. But most importantly, many brides and grooms feel cold feet, and it’s the job of your wedding planner to make you calm and support you at that moment. Wedding planners try to remove all the negative elements and cope up with moody relatives.

Delhi is a city filled with busy people and with the busy schedule you barely have time for dealing with different vendors, fixing deals, and handling every detail. That’s why the role of the top wedding planner in Delhi NCR is very prominent to cut couples some slack and let them have a moment of peace to prepare them mentally for a new start. Choosing the best wedding planner in Delhi is difficult, but it is necessary to live your dream wedding to the fullest. So, don’t hesitate in hiring the best wedding planner and feeling the phrase “DREAM COME TRUE”.

  08 October 2020